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Browsing articles from "November, 2005"
Nov 28, 2005
Stephen Chip

What’s the deal with Nancy Grace?

Nancy Grace If you've ever watched CNN during the eight o'clock hour, you've been fortunate to witness Nancy Grace. I guess she's Fox's answer to Greta Van Susteren although they're not in competing time slots. The first time I watched her, I believed I was watching an old Saturday Night Live episode. I thought to myself, "Oh, here's an episode I've never seen before". I was enjoying laughing at her and the performance and at some point I realized thatNancy Grace was a real show on CNN. Okay, where should I start. Let's start with the crazy eyes and that wacky delivery. Am I the only one that finds this highly amusing? Or disturbing? Is she serious? The episode I'm watching tonight, she's going on and on about escaped prisoners and attempts humor by showing an old "Hogan's Heroes" WHAT?? "They tied bed sheets together, BED SHEETS.." she quiped. Her interviewing skills are pathetic. [Wow, there's actually a worse interviewer than Larry King?] I've seen high school plays with better acting and conviction. It almost looks like some of her guests are trying not to laugh. They have that look on their face as if they're biting their inner lip to keep from uncontrollable laughter. So, exactly what were the brain trusts over at CNN thinking when they put Nancy Grace in a prime time slot. I’m curious to know what their other options were. You can visit any town in the US and find a compelling talk show host, a trustworthy anchor, a funny weather person. But no, Nancy Grace won out. What’s next… a talking dog. Actually, that would be pretty cool!
Nov 19, 2005
Stephen Chip

Johnny Depp searches for Neverland

Johnny Depp is considering abandoning his country home in France because of the riots there. The Finding Neverland star moved to France because of the violence in Los Angeles. Depp once quipped "I chose France because it seemed so SIMPLE!" And although the "Simple Life" may be best left to Paris Hilton, Depp is once again is seeking Neverland. Hey Johnny, do you really think there is a perfect place to live? Depp comments on the recent riots. "It's insane that setting cars on fire is the new strike. It takes a lot away. I'm sure it'll clear up to a certain degree. Now it's anything but. I don't know how they'll recover from this." This time, you may be right Johnny. I have the perfect solution for Depp. Neverland Ranch is currently available! Michael Jackson, stealing a page from Depp's play book, too has left the United States seeking refuge in Bahrain. Depp can probably move in immediately. He can live in his very own protected compound complete with creepy animals, childish amusement rides and a giant clock fashioned from shrubbery. Hey, how much better can it get Johnny? We all have our differences with our country from time to time. However leaving the U.S. for France was the answer? The very same government who refused to ally with the U.S. in the Iraqi war. The government who was caught up in the food for oil scandal. The government who refused to address the riots until days later. Yeah, moving to France was simple. Good move Johnny!
Nov 18, 2005
Stephen Chip

Blogging woes to blogging satisfaction…

After searching for a blogging solution for mindtoss, I chose to go with Moveable Type from six apart. The price point was affordable and many blogs I read utilize Moveable Type. So I paid for MT and downloaded it to my computer. All I had to was configure a few files and BAM my blog would be up and running. So I eagerly proceeded with the set-up. I browsed through the instructions and everything seemed simple enough. However, a couple of hours later I wasn't feeling the love. I had made virtually no progress and was beyond frustrated. The following day I requested the help from two of my colleagues (I work for a dotcom). They both gave it a shot and to no avail. They too were surprised by the lengthy, complicated set-up. I jumped out to the six apart site to find out if they offer assistance. They had a package where they would custom install on my web server... for $99! That's how much I paid for the software! I wrote an email requesting a refund after trying unsuccessfully to install their software. They emailed me back indicating that they would issue me a refund if I went to a link inside the email and responded with my original credit card info. That was two days ago. I'm still waiting for the refund. Don't get me wrong, six apart makes a very good product. My only beef is that you need a special class in order to go through their installation. Like I said in my email, "If it's so easy to install, why are you going to charge me $99"? I tried two other blog publishing systems before happily settling with WordPress . WordPress boasts of a "famous 5 minute installation". So to my amazement... it actual only took FIVE MINUTES! And get this, it's FREE. The developers at WordPress have created a fantastic product. There are a slew of organizations out there that promise it all and rarely deliver. I happy to say that WordPress delivers.

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